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Project ONE present Partystylerz (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) [05 Mar 2007|10:23pm]


Peri_Mental: Project ONE presents Partystylerz @ клуб ПОРТ (Санкт-Петербург) (2.13Mb)



pop hymns and murder ballads]]]Collapse )

anyone wanna trade?


[26 Jul 2004|03:24am]

Hey everyone! If you have time, please check out my band at:


We would love to hear what other people think about us. So feel free to leave a comment or sign our guestbook. Thank you very much!


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[08 Jul 2004|12:06pm]

Ok....I'll name some of the bands I already know about ie:The faint, peaches, fischerspooner, ladytron....I already know those guys....I'm just looking for some new stuff to put with some of those.



Dance!!!! [08 Jul 2004|10:41am]

I need some dance music, quick! Good dance music from industrial, electrocore, new wave, experimental to anything with good beats, but mostly synthesizers.


[20 May 2004|01:00am]

[ mood | chill ]

NAME: tyler
AIM: phenom917
AGE: 17
LOCATION: darien, connecticut
FEW FAVORITE BANDS: how about... the temptations, against me!, blind boys of alabama, the wrens, don caballero, jawbreaker, death cab for cutie, hüsker dü, the replacements, wilco, and jeff buckley... just to name a few.
[INTERESTING] FACT: I just sold most of my record collection, REALLY needed the money.

track list from the last mix I made (for a girl I barely know):

a-side - sigur rós, "starálfur"
the autumn defense, "silence"
red house painters, "have you forgotten"
sufjan stevens, "size too small"
cat power, "good woman"
slowdive, "here she comes"
b-side - wilco, "I'm always in love"
iron and wine, "love and some verses"
my morning jacket, "golden"
benjamin gibbard, "carolina"
gemma hayes, "I wanna stay"
velvet underground, "rock and roll"

let's trade, seriously. somebody, anybody.

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on the shelf [18 May 2004|04:03pm]

just thought id post the tracklisting on the main board too to gain maximum exposure.

One side

ironside >>>> quincy jones
strict machine >>>> strict machine
statement of vindication >>>> bikini kill
monster >>>> stereo total
if you’re a wizard then why do you wear glasses? >>>> liars
remyxamatosis >>>> radiohead
fuck the pain away >>>> peaches
legs >>>> pj harvey
whats new for fall >>>> desaparecidos
he took her to a movie >>>> ladytron
worked up so sexual >>>> the faint
move over >>>> janis joplin
peppermints >>>> commander venus
set me free >>>> kim wilde
the escape song >>>> graham coxon

flip side

sentence >>>> the appleseed cast
ruby ruby >>>> bjork
machine >>>> yeah yeah yeahs
the calendar hung itself >>>> bright eyes
first mater responds >>>> your code name is milo
superstition >>>> the kills
mediocrity rules >>>> le tigre
all medicated geniuses >>>> pretty girls make graves
you gonna get it >>>> coach whips
if you phone >>>> lauren laverne
obstacle 2 >>>> interpol
daybreaker >>>> beth orton
ambultetz >>>> the mars volta

c'mon who wants to trade.

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Greetings [17 May 2004|04:05pm]

NAME: jude
AGE: 18
LOCAL: barnsley, UK
FEW FAVORITE BANDS: liars, bikini kill, commander venus/bright eyes/desaparecidos (i count them as 1), elastica, the faint, yyy, interpol, coach whips, peaches, radiohead, pj harvey, at the drive in, bjork, icarus line.
INTERESTING FACT: dont have one. a joke then. whats black white and red and wont fit in a fone booth? a nun with a spear thru her chest.

yeah so i just followed wot looks like standard format. im eager to foist a mixtape on sum1 new. fresh meat n all. let me kno.

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[22 Mar 2004|12:48am]

the first person to stop being a boring douche gets a mixtape.


[02 Mar 2004|03:18pm]

I need some good electroclahs...stuff you can dance to....ideas?
(i.e. Fischerspooner, ladytron, xoxoxo)


[29 Feb 2004|08:18pm]

I make a mix on the last day of each month. Each song relates to that month- Here is mine for feb--
1.Red Right Ankle-The Decemberists
2.Kissing the Lipless- The Shins
3.Talking Shit about a pretty sunset- Modest Mouse
4.Guilty- im not sure who did this song but it is from the Amelie soundtrack
5.blackbird- The beatles
6.No rain- blind Melon
7.Bowl Of oranges- Bright Eyes
8.Night-time- Elliott Smith
9.The Devils Dance Floor- Flogging Molly
10.Desde que Despierto- Juanes
11.Halfway between Summer and Fall- Khaki Makelfresh
12.Calling Dr. Love- KISS
13.Hey Ya- Outkast
14.Summer babe- Pavement
15.California- Phantom Planet
16.Shes sexy and 17- The Stray Cats
17.The District sleeps alone tonight-The Postal Service
18.Santa Cruz your not that far-The Thrills
19.Teenage wastland-The Who


[16 Feb 2004|12:08pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

it is on.united states of electronica
you're not welcome here. phantom planet
tuff ghost. unicorns
suspended from class. camera obscura
the best of jill hives. guided by voices
soldier girl. polyphonic spree
air. slumber party
acme the summit of the mountian. head of femur
hated because of great qualities. blonde redhead
the rat. the walkmen
i'm in love with no one. grandaddy
town called malice. the jam
a burial at sea. ladybug transistor
some candy talking. jesus and mary chain
i don't know what i can save you from (royksopp remix). kings of convenience
up in the north. fiery furnaces
damaged goods. gang of four
walk on by. the stranglers
papa was a rodeo. magnetic fields
you look like rain. morphine

i love trading.

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well, it seems we all got around to introducing ourselves and then died off. though i'm the community member least likely to have an appetizing dish for you to sample, i'll jump start with my most recent mix. you guys should really post tracklistings to your tapes, trading's what it's all about!

pajama party in a haunted hiveCollapse )


be my friend? [02 Feb 2004|10:29pm]

NAME: Anna
AGE: 17
LOCATION: santa cruz, ca
FEW FAVORITE BANDS: the decemberists, the beatles, the thrills, modest mouse, the pixies, bright eyes, the postal service....
[INTERESTING] FACT: I play guitar. I am in a band called Jonah and the Somethings.


[02 Feb 2004|01:36am]

NAME: Annicka
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: full-time attractive person
LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA
FEW FAVORITE BANDS: built to spill, burning airlines, cap'n jazz, the decemberists, brian eno, morrissey, mark mothersbaugh, mogwai, dillinger escape plan, pinback, your enemies friends, tabula rasa, stiff little fingers, the blood brothers.


[12 Jan 2004|02:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]

NAME: mitsu
AGE: twenty
LOCATION: california
FEW FAVORITE BANDS: Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, velvet underground,The Birthday Party,Big Black, Beat Happening,Lightning Bolt,Nick Cave,The Pixies,Polysics,glenn branca,etc.
INTERESTING TIDBIT: i'm a left handed art major.


plus [09 Jan 2004|11:56pm]

[ mood | awake ]

NAME: radha bike
AGE: twenty
LOCATION: sarasota, fl
FEW FAVORITE BANDS: hm-hm-hm, chumbawamba, looptroop, sergent garcia, levellers, david sandström, this bike is a pipe bomb, operation: cliff clavin, le tigre..
[INTERESTING] FACT: i like to sew and ride bikes


ithurtstobreak [06 Jan 2004|01:11pm]

[ mood | bored ]

NAME: brian
AGE: 22
LOCAL: washington, dc.
FEW FAVORITE BANDS: converge, a silver mount zion, godspeed you black emperor!, the flaming lips, mastodon, yo la tengo, belle and sebastian, grandaddy, otis redding, bjork.
INTERESTING FACT: um, i met malcolm jamal-warner once. no lie.


thisphoneistapped [03 Jan 2004|12:35am]

NAME: winston.
AGE: seventeen.
LOCATION: texas.
FEW FAVORITE BANDS: bikini kill, the cure, yeah yeah yeahs, le tigre, ladytron, electrolane, sleater-kinney, free kitten
[INTERESTING] FACT: i'm a girl named winston.


[01 Jan 2004|06:41pm]
name: cody
age: 23
sex: mailman
locale: stillwater, ok
occupation: concessions attendant

wishlist: sonic youth (a thousand leaves), tool (aenima, salival), radiohead (hail to the thief), shellac, the smiths (louder than bombs), p.j. harvey, james (whiplash), cat power, ivy, david bowie (honkey dorey, 1. outside, the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars, diamond dogs), dead boys (sonic reducer), crass (do they owe us a living?), the score to edward scissorhands.

if anybody can find the soundtrack to a movie called May (about a girl who is a rejected freak and winds up making a human doll out of body parts from all the people she hangs out with), it's fucking excellent; pulls my heartstrings.

interesting fact: i love capital letters and hate sarcasm!

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